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Hello, I'm Tomomi

A UX designer who believes in the power of visualization and storytelling. I create emotional connections and bring meaningful solutions through design.

Tomomi Matsuzaki
Safe Haven

Digital Kiosk App

University of Washington

Support Afghan refugee resettlement in Washington with human-centered design

Seattle Central College

UX Web Design

Seattle Central College

Help students navigate college during the COVID-19 outbreak

Grow Together video prototype

Video Prototype

University of Washington

Design for behavior change toward making more sustainable choices

Feet First Storytelling Project

Social Impact Storytelling

Feet First

Promote safe and walkable communities with strategic storytelling

Graphic Design Work

Visual Communication

Communicate messages through visuals

Calligraphy Work


Create inpirational spaces with calligraphy - the art of forming beautiful symbols by hand

Get to know me.

I was born and grew up in Kobe, Japan, and am currently located in Seattle. I am a self-motivated lifetime learner who keeps seeking new possibilities in life and the opportunities to positively impact the world through my work. In 2015, I left my customer service job at the Japanese airline and decided to rebuild my education and career here in Seattle. During my educational journey in Seattle, I discovered my passion for design for good, which simply resonated with my happiness to help others. Since then, design has become my new tool to communicate with people and communities.

I'm a social impact advocate. During the past few years, I’ve been providing web/graphic design work for small businesses and nonprofits in Seattle and Japan. It's been such a fulfilling experience to support those who contribute to creating better communities and the world!

During my free time...
I always find myself enjoying calligraphy and cooking. I love how they keep me relaxed and focused at the same time. One characteristic in common among my work and hobbies is that I enjoy every single step to create something inspiring. It's like hiking - I appreciate each step that leads me to an amazing view from the top of the mountains.

One last thing you should know...
This website is designed and coded by me :)