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Migo Design Proposal

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Migo is a start-up company who develops an app that offers their users a full spectrum of on-demand transportation choices. It shows real-time price and wait time estimate of all the transportation choices so that users don’t need to switch between apps to see who is closest or which one is surging. They wanted to redesign the interface of their app in order to make it more informative and to achieve better user experience.


Make the whole process clearer and easier for users
Make the app more informative
Redesign the interface to utilize the space better and provide the information that users needs more efficiently

Migo App Current Design

Current App Interface and Problems

  1. Users are having difficulties to see where to start using the app.
  2. After entering a destination, the screen doesn’t really make any change (only the small box upper right on the screen changes). It doesn’t feel like it’s been processed or worked at all.
  3. The section where the search result is shown, which is the most important part that users need, is way too small and it is not showing all the important information efficiently.
  4. The filter icons are not very appealing and they are unclear to see what each icon stands for.
  5. The map is taking most of the space on the screen but there is nothing for users to do with the map.
Migo Design Proposal

Design Proposal and Insight

  1. The starting point is more obvious and outstanding from other part of the screen by making it bigger and using a right color so that users know where to start more easily.
  2. By making clearer differences between the first screen and the search result screen, it became clearer that the transaction has been processeded.
  3. Users can see all the important information on one screen in the new design including career icons, estimated price, pick up time and arrival time. The little arrows also show that there are more information to see.
  4. Made filter icons bigger and more colorful so that users can see what each icon stands for from the notes below the icons.
  5. Although I left the map as it is, I was able to show more information on the same screen by covering the map with bigger boxes.

Final Thoughts / Reflection

Through this redesigning mobile app project, I was able to obtain a deeper understanding of how to identify usability issues and establish solutions in design by understanding users. As each user has different needs, I learned the importance of knowing as many users as possible to identify the issues more specifically. The most challenging part of this project was finding the best solution in one screen design to achive some different type of users' needs but I found it exciting as well.
If I were to continue this project, I'd like to conduct a user testing with my design ideas to evaluate strengths and weaknesses in initial redesign.