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YouTube Discover

UX/UI Design
Design Challenge


I participated a UX/UI competition event held by DubsTech in University of Washington. Our mission was to present a prototype that solved the issues depicted in the scenario below:

At the moment, YouTube, the most popular video sharing and streaming platform is growing at an extremely rapid pace. That has led to a drastic increase in content creators joining the platform. However, many content creators are finding it difficult to be discovered by the audience which may be interested in subscribing to them. This leads to a disconnection between the content creator and their audience with many giving up after failing to grow their channel.

Goal / Challenge

To help new content creators get discovered and grow their channel's subscribers, I decided to add a "Discover" section into the Youtube app and website. Below is my process for designing and prototyping the "Discover" section.


YouTube Discover Sketching

My Insight and Final Design Idea

YouTube Discover Visual Design